Did You Know That These Factors Play A Role In Drying Out Your Mouth?

Did You Know That These Factors Play A Role In Drying Out Your Mouth?

Did You Know That These Factors Play A Role In Drying Out Your Mouth?

Dry mouth is one of those things that you really can’t put your finger on. We mean, technically you can, but you get the point. It’s one of those small, annoying conditions that are hard to prevent. The reason for this is the frequency of it. People get dry mouth so often, it’s become something we ignore and choose not to treat.

Well, it’s no untreatable condition. Dry mouth has its own causes and risk factors, just like any bodily condition. Did you, by any chance, know about some of those factors?

Some of them may be obvious, but others may be a surprise to you. When you gain knowledge about these things, you will know how to avoid them. A dry mouth is a sign of an unhealthy mouth, more often than not. Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Smoking marijuana

As a growing trend in the US, marijuana is always a hot topic. Did you know that it causes dry mouth? Dry mouth is directly correlated to the THC within the plant itself. This relaxing cannabinoid directly dries out your mouth.

Smoke, in general, is bad for your oral health, but the THC just amplifies the effects. If you’re suffering from dry mouth often, try decreasing the amount of weed you smoke. It may do wonders for your mouth and the dryness you experience.

It’s important to know that this doesn’t work with every single strain. If you’re taking an indica for your glaucoma, for example, chances are it’s because of it. Sativas are better known to cause dry mouth.

  1. Chemotherapy

Even though chemotherapy is of importance, it can have some bad side-effects. You all know some of them: hair loss, nausea and muscle weakness. But did you know that dry mouth is also connected to certain chemo treatments?

This side-effect doesn’t appear in every single patient. If you do experience it, consult your doctor. There are lots of hydration supplements that may improve the situation. Just keep your recovery in mind and make sure you stay strong. You can do it.

  1. Depressions meds and meds in general

This is a lesser-known fact in the medical world. Most people focus on the way the meds treat their condition, but not the side-effects. With this being a common case with depression meds, people should take note. A dry mouth can lead to accidental over-hydration, which can be very dangerous.

Aside from depression meds, other culprits are much more frequent. We have pain meds, allergy medicines and even some weight-loss supplements as known causes. Read the small letters on the instructions and consult your pharmacist.

  1. Anemia

Anemia is a condition when a person had an overly low red blood cell count. It can be cured by diet and, in more serious causes, by strong medications. Some of these medications, as we all know, can have side effects.

If your anemia is caused by too much exercise, then the dry mouth is more likely to appear.

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