Asparagus Mushroom And Cheddar Quiche

Asparagus Mushroom And Cheddar Quiche

Asparagus Mushroom And Cheddar Quiche

Asparagus Mushroom And Cheddar Quiche

Ok so I am a newbie at quiche …. I always thought it was a hard thing to make as I’ve tasted some pretty horrible quiches in my time, and really there is nothing worse then a dry quiche once you have had a light and fluffy one.

It is the end of asparagus season here and I had one bunch left and a bag of mixed mushrooms just dying to be put in a quiche, throw in some aged cheddar and you have yourself a killer meal!

This asparagus mushroom and cheddar quiche is to die for, I was actually shocked at how amazing it turned out ….. its true I was expecting it to take me few quiche fails until I landed a perfect one …..  but what do you know I’m a first time quiche winner right here !

Asparagus Mushroom And Cheddar Quiche

I used aged cheddar in this recipe to add some bite to the subtle tastes of the asparagus and mushrooms and it was the perfect match, although any cheese will work so use your preference and get your perfect quiche started.


 deep dish pie pastry

 large bunch of fresh asparagus , cut into bite size pieces

1 medium chopped onion

2 garlic cloves finely chopped or minced

1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms 

2 tablespoons butter

4 large eggs

1 cup cream

1 cup grated aged cheddar

2 teaspoons paprika 

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper


In a skillet on medium heat butter and sauté the onion asparagus mushrooms and garlic until fragrant and crisp-tender.

Beat the eggs and cream together until well mixed adding the paprika and cheese and mix well.

Place the asparagus, mushrooms, onions and garlic in the pie crust

pour the beaten eggs, paprika and cheese over top of the asparagus mixture

Place in oven and Bake at 375° for 25-30 minutes (its ready when you place a fork in and it comes out clean).

Let it stand for 10 min and serve



Benefits Of Eating Asparagus 

Not only is asparagus low in fat and calories (one cup sets you back a mere 32 calories), but it also contains lots of soluble and insoluble fiber, making it a good choice if you’re trying to lose weight. Because your body digests fiber slowly, it keeps you feeling full in between meals.

“Fiber can definitely help you feel satisfied, making it beneficial for weight loss,” says Gans. “It can also aid constipation, and research suggests it may help lower cholesterol.”

To maximize the veggie’s calorie-torching potential, pair it with a hard-boiled egg: the combination of fiber-rich asparagus with the egg’s protein will leave you feeling satisfied.

It’s full of antioxidants

Asparagus—purple asparagus in particular—is full of anthocyanins, which give fruits and veggies their red, blue, and purple hues and have antioxidant effects that could help your body fight damaging free radicals. When preparing asparagus, try not to either overcook or undercook it. Although cooking the veggie helps activate its cancer-fighting potential, letting it boil or sauté for too long can negate some nutritional benefits. “Overcooking asparagus could cause the vitamins to leech out into the water,” says Gans.

Read More On Asparagus Benefits @

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