How to Clean Hardwood Floors Correctly

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Correctly

how to clean hardwood floors correctly

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Correctly

Hardwood floors, whether natural or engineered, bring down to earth, warming beauty to your home.  They are cool to walk on in summer but manage to feel warm in winter. They put up with tons of traffic and if looked after will last for many years.

These floors are expensive to fit, and it makes a great deal of sense to protect this investment so that it will stay looking beautiful in the years ahead.  Cleaning your floors is not difficult, but as with most things in life, there is a right way to undertake this task. So look no further because we i am about to teach you how to clean hardwood floors correctly.

Step 1 – Vacuum

Start by vacuuming the floor thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and any other debris.  Debris left on the floor can cause scratches, so it is a good idea to vacuum on a regular basis so that debris does not lie on the floor and damage it when things are moved.

It is not advisable to use a vacuum that has a beater brush as this attachment can cause damage to the finish on your floor.  Rather use a floor brush that will treat your floor much more gently.

Step 2 – move the furniture

Move the furniture that can easily be moved so that you can clean the entire floor.  Invest in pads for the bottom of the feet of your furniture, so when you move it, the furniture will not damage the finish on the floor.

Step 3 – Mix the cleaner

There are some very good commercial cleaners on the market.  If you are going to use one, then make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions closely.  If you want to make, your own cleaner mix ten parts warm water, one part vinegar and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap.

Step 4 – Mop the floor

Dip your cloth or mop into the cleaning solution and make sure it is saturated.  Lift it out and wring it thoroughly so that it is damp and not wet.  Mop the floor with the cleaner and then rinse with a mop dipped in clean water.  Repeat until the whole floor is mopped.

Be very careful not to soak the floor.  There is no need to use more than a damp cloth or mop over the floor.  If you do drop water onto the floor, dry it with a soft cloth as standing water will damage the floor.

how to clean hardwood floors properly

Tips to keep your floor looking lovely

Giving your floor a brilliant shine

Did you know that the tannic acid in tea will give a hardwood floor a brilliant shine?  Drop two teabags into a jug of boiling water and leave them to steep for a few minutes.  Pour the tea into a bucket and dilute until you have enough liquid to dunk your mop.  Using a damp mop, clean the floor as described above.  The wood will be left with a beautiful shine.

Mask the scratches

It is very depressing when you have cleaned to the floor, and you can see scratches on the finish.  One way to mask the scratches is to use a crayon that matches the color of the floor.  Rub it into the scratch and then use a hair dryer on high heat and warm the area where the crayon was applied.  Buff gently with a soft cloth.

Use Doormats

Try to prevent dirt being tramped into the house by placing doormats at all doors leading to the outside.  This will trap much of the dirt and moisture that would normally end up on your floors.


Put rugs down in very high traffic areas. They are much easier to have laundered than a hardwood floor is to be refinished.

With a little care, your hardwood floors will last a long time and continue to look beautiful.

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