DIY Spring Fling Wreath

DIY Spring Fling Wreath

OMG IT’S ALMOST SPRING!!!!  Finally got that out of the way…

So, it is supposed to snow here in Maryland, USA but I will not let it damper my spring excitement.  I felt warmth on my face last week for the first time in months and it has brought me so much joy.

Basically, that means I went to Target and bought everything colorful and happy to welcome in the season.  Seriously… I bought tablecloths and kitchen rugs and dishtowels.  Now it looks like the Easter bunny vomited in my kitchen and I am completely thrilled with it.

After I hit up Target, I took a lovely trip down the floral area of Hobby Lobby because I realized my black door was sad and naked.  And I realized I like to punish my husband and my bank account.  Oh well, I am not upset about it.

So YAY! I made a DIY Spring Fling Wreath and I have to say, it may be my favorite wreath yet…



As always, it was super easy and you can do it too.  Grab your hot glue and a glass of springy rose and enjoy some you time.  Treat yourself to a lazy Sunday DIY.  You deserve it.


  • So, so many fake flowers in pink and green- hydrangeas, peonies, roses, succulents, ferns, etc.
  • Metal wreath form
  • Glue gun and lots of glue sticks
  • Scissors


  1. Heat up the hot glue gun and trim all the flowers stems down to nubs
  2. Place the wreath form upside down on a flat surface and stick the largest flowers underneath so the stem nubs stick up through the wires
  3. Glue the nubs securely to the wreath form
  4. Once dry, flip the form over and continue glueing small flowers around the wreath until it is full
  5. Finish by glueing fern tips to the back so they stick out from the sides of the wreath

TA DA!  You did it!  I told you it was easy.  Now go put that sucker up and watch your neighbors purr with envy as they pass your house.

Happy crafting!


Colbie Browne

My name is Colbie, I am 24 years old, and my life is a mess. Between two kids, work, a house, and college, I can barely keep up. And now, it’s all about being super mom… aka the one who is best dressed with the best crafts and best bake sale items. Forget the best dressed part, I normally don’t brush my teeth before running these ragamuffins around. However, on that other stuff, I kick ass. Most everything is homemade, gluten/nut free (because I was blessed with a bubble boy), and easy enough that you can do without wanting to pull a Sylvia Plath. Don’t worry, we can pull off this act together.

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