How To Start Creating Wellness in Your Space Right Now

How To Start Creating Wellness in Your Space Right Now

How To Start Creating Wellness in Your Space Right Now

Wellness goes beyond being physically healthy or just the absence of illness. Wellness also includes a state of well-being, mentally and emotionally.

These tweaks can help increase your overall well-being, so lets Start Creating Wellness in Your Space Right Now!

Take the trash out

Literally and figuratively. To begin with, it helps to get rid of any negativity that might be lingering in your mind. Committing to releasing negative thoughts will instantly give you a more secure foundation to work from. Taking out the trash literally will do the same thing for you in a physical sense. If it’s old or not providing you any use, it’s ok to get rid of it!

Tidy up

 Don’t get sucked into deep cleaning, as it can lead to becoming overwhelmed and actually increase negativity. Just picking up clutter and putting things back in their place can provide an amazing sense of order.

Living plants

Science has proven that interior living plants reduce certain pollutants in the air but being exposed to living plants also has psychological benefits. According to research by Shibata & Suzuki (2001), indoor plants have proven a positive impact on recovery from mental fatigue. This same study has proven that the presence of living plants also results in a more positive mood.

Natural light

Studies show that without exposure to natural light, people often experience headaches, depression and lack of productivity. An article by L. Edwards and P. Torcellini, which includes information from several in depth case studies, indicates that workers who don’t have access to adequate natural light were subject to absenteeism problems and increased vandalism. If at all possible, work near a window. If not, take adequate breaks outside or where you can be near a widow.

Fresh air

One of the best ways to refresh your mind and regroup is to get a bit of fresh air.Take a walk if the weather allows it, or open a window for a short period of time allowing fresh air into your environment.

Ice water

Picture this, a large, glass pitcher of ice water with beads of condensation running down its sides… Did that make you thirsty?! If not you have to admit, it sounds extremely refreshing. The benefits of drinking enough water are plentiful. Such benefits include, natural relief from fatigue, headaches, general aches and cramps, increased metabolism and a natural way to flush out toxins.

Start these small changes today and live each day in a state of emotional wellbeing.


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How To Start Creating Wellness in Your Space Right Now.

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