Is productively hiding possible?

Is productively hiding possible?

Is productively hiding possible?

Did you instinctively read that title and think I was going to give you pointers on how to stop hiding?  Nope.  Kind of the opposite actually.  I’m going to tell you to hide until you feel like coming out.  Hide until hiding is no longer the answer.  Because coming out of hiding before you are ready is just pretending you are okay.  I want you to be genuinely okay.

Here’s my take on how you can do that.   First, make sure you hide using the following guidelines.

Guidelines for Hiding:

  1. Find somewhere comfy and safe.
  2. Put a do not disturb sign on the door, tent flap or cave wall.
  3. Make sure you dress appropriately … yoga pants and ripped t-shirts or sweaters are recommended.
  4. Be well stocked in comfort foods and essentials. Tea, water and wine go on the essentials list.
  5. Hole up with a window that you can cover. That way you can see the outside world if you choose, but it in no way suggests an exit from your hidy hole.

Once you have prepared your hiding place and get comfortable, take asmany big breaths as it takes to calm your heart and soul.  You are where you are supposed to be.  Now, when you are ready, please use the following rules (these are no longer guidelines) for staying hidden.

Rules for Staying Hidden:

  1. You do NOT have access to more essentials or clothes, so please understand that your stay is temporary.
  2. It is essential to be still. Heart and mind.  Quit worrying, cleaning your house, reorganizing your closet, washing your car, nagging your kids, complaining about your co-workers, resenting your class at the gym and hating your partner.  None of these things are welcome here.  Must. Be. Still.  And no, you may NOT leave now, even though everything in you is screaming for a distraction.
  3. In this comfortable place, prepare to get uncomfortable with your emotions. You may hide from the world here, but you cannot hide from yourself.
  4. Let it happen. Yep, it.  You know what I’m talking about.  The overwhelm, the sadness, the confusion, the regret, the shame and the anger.  Let IT come.
  5. Give thanks for every emotion that you let through you. Thank you for the lessons., experience and direction. Thank you.

You can hide and live your normal life… just be aware that you are hiding.  It might look like distancing yourself from people, playing small, doubting your path etc.  The only unbreakable rule about hiding is that you MUST acknowledge what you are doing.  Otherwise, you are going through life with your blinders on… racing towards nothing in particular.

The time you spend “hiding” can be the most valuable time you ever give yourself (as long as you follow the rules).  It can sometimes be exactly what you need.  Please allow it.  Let go of the distraction, dig in and come out a different person than you went in.  Once you let all of those emotions that made you want to hide in the first place move through you – you will naturally want to step back in to the sunshine.

Happy productive hiding,


How to hide and still be productive you're ready to unleash your creativity

Debbie is a Certified Emotional Success Coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. She specializes in moving women through Imposter Syndrome. Through working with Debbie, these amazing women experience a new awareness of their beliefs and behaviour, and energetically shift and heal those old beliefs so that they can feel as successful on the inside as they appear to others on the outside

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