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I am a user, lover and practitioner of EFT that wants the whole freaking world to experience it.  This is me, telling you in the best way I know how, how the miracle of EFT works and what that can mean for you.

Let’s start with what EFT stands for – Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Techniques is plural because there are many methods within EFT that are highly effective and specialized based on the client and emotional needs.  The basic biology is that there is a little almond shaped part of your brain called your Amygdala.  This little gem is what controls your fight, flight or freeze response.  So basically, it interprets a stress trigger and signals your body to react accordingly.  This means blood flow is directed away from your organs to your limbs, it means less brain function and more reactive ability, it means a rush of hormones that allows you to be faster than you would be without them.  Think running from a bear… that is what your Amygdala is in charge of.

The problem is that we are conditioned to be triggered into a stress response way too often in our lives.  Think road rage.  Think big presentation.  Think two toddlers in the grocery store that are hungry and bored.   Our bodies are reacting as if we are constantly running from large hungry bears.  We are not built to sustain this response.  Our body’s response to stress is to help save our lives, and is meant to be temporary with a recovery period.  Modern life doesn’t allow this.  So now we are all coolly sauntering through our lives on the outside, while our biology is screaming, “Run for your life!”

EFT is often called “tapping”, and it is because you quite simply tap on acupressure points on your head, face and torso.  These points effectively shush the “run for your life” voice by calmly whispering, “Its okay, you are safe.”  It takes the intensity of emotions away so that the stress response from our bodies isn’t needed.  And yes, it is as much of a relief as it sounds.  I often describe the stressed out Amygdala as being like a hot burner on the stove… it’s all lit up red and pulsing with intensity.  Tapping is like shutting off the element, it starts to cool off until it is safe to the touch.

Here’s what this is capable of doing for you.  It’s capable of changing your reactions to stressful stimuli.  It can change your reaction from screaming at that road rage driver, to wishing them a safe drive.  And no, not in the most sarcastic way possible J. You can actually feel so safe and neutral that their anger does not trigger you.  It can switch the racing heart and stress sweats before a big presentation, to excitement to share your knowledge.  It can move an overwhelmed Mamma from the brink of an adult meltdown in the grocery store, to calm, peaceful, unconditional love and smiles with her kids.  Yep, a magical miracle is EFT.

Like all good things, it is a practice and requires some consistent effort.  The difference is that your biological protection system (remember your Amygdala?) likes this change.  It feels calm, which means it is comfortable that you are safe.  This is a key reason why tapping is so effective… your brain, body and energy system won’t fight you as long as you are tapping.  Don’t get me wrong, resistance will present itself, but the physical act of tapping always helps.  Trauma, depression, PTSD, anxiety, weight loss, shame and anger are all within the healing abilities of this tool. For the big stuff, work with a practitioner, but for a daily practice to increase your energy, clear away some stress and be able to feel more joy – tap away!!!

Here is a short video I recorded for you to give it a try.  I hope you enjoy it, and better yet – I hope you get hooked because I know this tool is one of the keys to authentic success!

To your success,


Debbie is a Certified Emotional Success Coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. She specializes in moving women through Imposter Syndrome. Through working with Debbie, these amazing women experience a new awareness of their beliefs and behaviour, and energetically shift and heal those old beliefs so that they can feel as successful on the inside as they appear to others on the outside

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