Strep Throat Natural Home Remedies

Strep Throat Natural Home Remedies

Throw your hands in the air if you’ve ever had strep throat.  Now wave them like you just don’t care.  Wait, don’t do that, because obviously you care or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Strep throat is a topic near and dear to my heart, and not in a good way.  I am one of those lucky folks who get strep throat 5-6 times a year.  Yay me!  I think people used to call that being a “strep carrier” but I have no idea what that even means so I just consider myself cursed.

Get my tonsils out, you say?  Nope.  Not going to happen.  Having my tonsils removed has become the “thing that shall not be named” in my house.  I have been scarred for life after talking to my grandma about having those bad boys gutted.  Seriously.  Imagine being six years old with searing pain in your throat and having your sweet, wrinkly armed grandmother staring over you telling you that if you ever get your tonsils removed that you will get strep in your heart and die.

Now you know where I get my dramatic flare from.

Despite this being extremely unlikely, I still can’t get past it.  Let’s face it, I still have all my wisdom teeth.  And if my wisdom teeth can stay, so can my angry tonsils.

So, who has taken the last 30 seconds to do the math on my strep?  I am 24.  And I get strep 5-6 times a year on average.  That means I have had strep throat 120-144 times a year.  That disgusting.  Not only is that disgusting, but I think it qualifies me as a strep throat expert.  Again, yay me!

Not a math genius?  That’s okay.  It doesn’t take a math person to realize that 120 prescriptions of amoxicillin is too much.  I cannot drink any more pink liquid.

But, what are my other options?  Lay in bed wishing for my death?  I can’t do that.  I would, but I have kids… ones that like to jump on me and take my covers if I don’t get up.  So, thanks to the blanket thieves, I started looking into home remedies.

I hit pay dirt.

I can say that because, for the last few days, I have been suffering from this pesky virus and I have finally rendered it helpless thanks to

Not only did Holistic Squid tell me all about why I didn’t want antibiotics, but they also told me what I did want.  Who knew there were so many options for fighting infections naturally?  Okay, maybe you did, but I am not so quick to the draw.

Now, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to your new lifeblood:  6 amazing home remedies for strep throat!!

Bone broth

It turns out that grandma’s chicken soup actually is a panacea after all…

When made from scratch with the bones of pasture raised beef or chicken, wild caught fish or other healthy animals, broth is not only extremely easy to digest, it actually helps to strengthen the digestive system and immune system. Bone broth delivers hydration and essential minerals that will help to recover from nearly any acute or chronic illness.

Follow these links to learn easy ways to make chicken broth or beef broth. Want the health benefits of bone broth, but don’t want to make your own? Buy bone broth online here. Freeze it to have on hand whenever you need it. At my house we like to stir in a bit of this delicious fish sauce for flavoring, but you can season it with a pinch of sea salt as well.

Marshmallow root tea & raw honey

To soothe the pain of strep throat and reduce swelling, sip warm marshmallow root tea and stir in raw, local honey for extra bacteria-fighting power.

Salt Water Gargle

Help your body create an inhospitable environment in your throat by gargling with salt water. The salt helps to break up mucus and reduce the swelling of delicate tissues by reducing water retention. Add one teaspoon of sea salt to an 8 oz glass of warm water and gargle for one to two minutes and then spit out.

Vitamin D

Since my family takes fermented cod liver oil on a regular basis and gets plenty of California sunshine, we don’t supplement with vitamin D daily. However, I keep a bottle of 2000 IU Vitamin D3 (like this one) on hand for the occasion when one of us starts to feel chills, fever, or sore throat.

A high dose of vitamin D3 for no more than three days, has been shown to actually halt or at least greatly reduce the symptoms of flu or stomach bug. The Vitamin D council recommends 900IU per pound of body weight (2000IU per kg) for therapeutic flu treatment.

Boost your vitamin C

While food is our best medicine, when it comes to a full-blown infection, I prefer to use vitamins medicinally for a more effective punch. Additionally, the swollen and painful effects of strep throat may make eating citrus an unpleasant experience.

We love this non-GMO vitamin C supplement, but you can also pick up fizzy vitamin C at nearly every health food store.

Adults can take up to 4000mg of Vitamin C (kids 500-2000mg depending on their size) spread out throughout the day to boost natural immunity and help repair raw, damaged tissue in the throat.


If you aren’t afraid of having garlic breath for a few days, go ahead and give your body and throat the extra infection fighting power it needs by mixing some raw garlic in honey to make a paste, then slowly swallowing one teaspoon every three or four hours.

No need to thank me, I am thanking myself enough for all of us.

Happy healing!


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List provided by Emily Bartlett

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