You’ll Never Guess How Easy It Is To Actually Get Rid Of Muscle Soreness At Home

You’ll Never Guess How Easy It Is To Actually Get Rid Of Muscle Soreness At Home

You’ll Never Guess How Easy It Is To Actually Get Rid Of Muscle Soreness At Home

First of all, we must say that we’re proud of you. Hitting the gym is no small task. Annihilating your muscles day in and day out is a price to pay for improvement. Aside from the immediate burden, there hides another “devil” in the bushes. You may know him by the name of “muscle soreness”.

Most people are completely oblivious about how to solve it. They stay at home and complain about the pain. No pain no gain, that’s how they say it. Well, we have some home remedies about bypassing the nuisance.

Warming up is your friend

Okay, we lied a bit. This isn’t necessarily a home remedy, but it’s crucial as can be. Before you workout, be sure to add an extended warm-up routine. Having a thorough and effective warm-up prepares your muscles for the strain. Follow the basic movements up with slight stretches. Gentle walking lunges and leg swings are a good warm-up for a good leg day.

Never do cardio before a muscle workout. You will lose valuable energy and the warm-up will eat into your whole workout. Be wise and maximize your effort. By warming up, you will be much less sore than usual.

An immediate ice bath

You’ve probably seen LeBron James and many college athletes enjoying such a bath after a game or a workout. That’s why ice-cold baths relax the muscles and prevent soreness. Think of it as an investment for your future athletic endeavors. It doesn’t have to be a legit ice bath.

Simply fill your bathtub with ice water and soak in for 10 minutes. Don’t have a bathtub? A quick, ice-cold shower will do. Just be careful about warming up afterward. You don’t want to risk getting cold and falling sick.

Use those bad boys

The absolute best way to prevent or annihilate soreness is to use the muscles. This can be done the day after the workout. Go outside and treat yourself to a nice walk or a 10-minute jog. Shake up your limbs and maybe to very light exercises. Using the muscles prevents the creation of lactic acid.

Lactic acid is an annoying compound created during workouts. What does it do exactly? It’s sort of a muscle security system. It prevents you from overusing the muscles and injuring yourself. It’s the direct culprit for muscle soreness. Doing something the day after a workout will break its molecules effectively.


When you’re sore, someone touching you is the absolute worst nightmare. Why is that? Well, your body reacts more to someone else’s touch. Why not bypass that and do some self-massage? By rubbing your muscle fibers and sore body parts, you will break lactic acid molecules.

By breaking these molecules, you will make your soreness last less time. When you’re working out often, every hour counts. By doing this, you will ensure that your workout tomorrow will be more fun than ever. Trust us, it pays off.


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