Chili,Lime & Coriander Prawns

Chili,Lime & Coriander Prawns

Unbelievably Tasty Chili, Lime & Coriander Prawns

Chili, Lime & Coriander Prawns

I love prawns and living in Spain gives me super easy access to them, pretty much on demand (not the farmed kind) this is my go-to recipe for these little babies. I play around with the ingredients a lot so if you don’t have everything just use what you have and it will still taste amazing ❤️ I absolutely love coriander and chili and I am always surprised at the dislike for coriander that some people have for it… turns out coriander actually tastes just like soap to a large percentage of the population ….who knew !

As for limes I can’t get enough of them , I just planted a tree and its looking pretty promising !

So my suggestion is always serve coriander in a small side dish unless you know it’s not offensive to your guests …. just to be safe .


pinch of rock salt

2 tbls butter or coconut oil

 3 chopped




place all ingredients except Coriander in a pan and cook on medium high until pink

Serve with cilantro sprinkled on top and a lime wedge on the side



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Tips for Finding wild prawns 

Marianne Cufone, an environmental solicitor and executive director at Recirculating Farms Coalition, explains how you can spot a farmed prawn from their wild cousins.

‘Wild shrimp often vary in size, shape, and colour because they don’t all have identical genetics,’ she said.

‘Batches of farmed shrimp often all hatch at the same time, eat the same food and live in the same environment, so they’re more likely to look the same.’

And her second tip, is to look for evidence of prawn faeces.

‘Look for poop, or what is politely called a ‘vein’,’ she added. ‘Frequently, shrimp farmers stop feeding shrimp before harvesting them so that the vein empties.

‘If you see a dark line there’s a better chance it’s a real wild shrimp.

Chili, Lime and Coriander Prawns - Unless you're allegic to shellfish, you need to try this recipe. The lemon is just the best touch to this fine dining. Plus it's healthy and tastes deliciouc


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