Frozen Berry Yogurt Dessert

Amazingly Tasty Frozen Berry Yogurt Dessert

Frozen Berry Yogurt Dessert

This is my go to frozen desert at the moment and its delicious !

I Am in love with organic frozen berries, in the winter it gives me hope that winter is almost over …. although I live in Spain I can’t really complain as the winters are so mild ❤️

I use goat yogurt with this recipe as I like the taste much better then cow yogurt , I am sure regular plain greek yogurt is just as good , this is super easy and its a great alternative to a dessert filled with white sugar.

*on a side note it makes the perfect breakfast also just add some seeds or muesli and its kinda perfect !


1 cup of your favorite frozen berries

1 cup of yogurt

1 tbs honey (optional)


Blend on high until smooth

serve with a spoon and



*The Food & Drug Administration confirmed that frozen fruits and vegetables provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh – great news for those seeking year-round healthy foods. Consider this: wild blueberries top the ORAC chart of 40 tested foods, making them the #1 antioxidant fruit – fresh or frozen – it makes no difference.

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