Oven Roasted Squash With Paprika And Brown Sugar

Oven Roasted Squash With Paprika And Brown Sugar

Oven Roasted Squash With Paprika And Brown SugarOven Roasted Squash With Paprika And Brown Sugar

The perfect side dish or if your like me a full dinner served up with some greek yogurt, the roast garlic is the perfect compliment to this dish.

Oven roasted squash with paprika, brown sugar and a side of roasted garlic is a super easy dish and a perfect dinner when you need a light meal thats full of flavors.


1 butternut squash (peeled seeded and chopped into bites size pieces)

4 – cloves of garlic (peeled and chopped)

2-3 – tablespoons of olive oil

1 – tablespoon of brown sugar (optional)

1 1/2 – teaspoons of smoked paprika

1/2 – teaspoon black pepper


Preheat oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit

Toss all ingredients in a large bowl

Spread squash on a baking sheet evenly .

Bake for 25 – 35 minutes.

 Remove from oven and serve



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Squash Health Benefits

The squash health benefits are many while an important one being for the immune system. It has magnesium, vitamin C, and other essential antioxidant compounds to neutralize all the free radicals in the body. If you are unaware, free radicals are dangerous byproducts of cellular metabolism.

They are associated with plenty of illnesses like cancer, premature aging, and heart diseases.  However, squash has an abundance of vitamin A and other phytonutrients to boost the immune response. It defends against harmful free radicals and foreign substances produced by the body. Read more here.

Oven Roasted Squash With Paprika And Brown Sugar - If the title alone does not convince you, then click over to see the recipe. This dish is sweet and it's not because of the brown sugar. Check it out to see how you can make this recipe. #squashrecipe #recipeidea #familyrecipe #recipesforkids

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